Brady’s Thank You Cards

I’ve finally gotten around to making some thank you cards for the gifts that we received for Brady. It seems like it’s been on my to-do list forever now and just kept getting bumped by other things. So here they are!

Brady Thank You Cards

I got this fabulous baby boy stack from Die Cuts w/a View that had some really cute papers. (So cute in fact that I can see so many uses for them outside of just baby boy type things!) These are actually notecards and I liked how they turned out – not too baby-cutesy but more fun and whimsical.

My project for the weekend is to get a newsletter out. I’ve been so busy since the baby was born that I didn’t even get a newsletter out in February. Now that things are starting to settle down a bit, I’m getting to squeeze in a little bit more “office” time every day which I am loving! 

I also just got hired for a consulting project with a senior relocation specialist here in Indy where I’ll be reviewing the the company website for content and layout. The project gets me back to my old working days so it’s nice to get warmed up slowly into going back to work! 


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