New Product – Portable Pockets

I think there’s a saying that goes something like, “Necessity is the mother of invention” (or something along that line!). Well, that definitely seems to be the case for a lot of the products I end up working on.

This weekend I worked on “Portable Pockets” – something I’ve had on my brain for some time now. I always end up having so many odds and ends pieces of paper that I thought it would be nice to have some sort of small storage pocket for all the business cards, photos, sticky notes, etc. that I end up accumulating and thus, the Portable Pocket was born!

Etsy Pocket Pic

I’ve posted it on my Etsy shop for now and won’t be posting it on the website till I have a few different designs ready to go. Check it out here!


2 Responses

  1. What a great idea!! I love ’em 🙂

    … and this that the culprit of the “gym worries” poking his little face out the pocket?? Hhaha, sooo cute, what a proud mum you must be 🙂

    And thanks again so much for spotlighting my lil’ shop. Do you know that top just sold!! I’m sure you’ve got alot to do with it. Gracias!!

  2. Yeah! I’m so glad the top sold! I’m not surprised though – your stuff is so nice.

    Yes, that little guy is the the one that is prompting my gym guilt! Although now that the weather is improving, I might turn into one of those power-walking-with-a-stroller moms!

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