Dinos & ‘Bots

It seems that now that I have a little boy, I look at patterned paper just a little bit differently. I like pretty much the same things but I find myself gravitating towards more “rough and tumbly” boy papers that I can use for a variety of different Brady projects. For example, every time we have new pictures to send out to everyone, I just get a piece of fun patterned paper, trim it to size and use it as a notecard to send with the pic. Here are new favorites of mine:

Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper
Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper

Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper
Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo – Mr. Roboto


3 Responses

  1. Super cute! Even if girl patterns are a bit more easy to find (because there is SOO much!), there is plenty of great little boy patterns! Way to look around!

  2. Hahahaha, so I totally JUST ordered that Basic Grey paper! Got the whole pack in fact!

    And I just got some really cool robot paper too from Sasafrass Lass and I made a journal out of it!!!

    I think thats why my etsy store has some many girlie things, because my own personal scrapbook is so boy themed since I have 2 sons 🙂

  3. Those are too cute!

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