The “Apple” of My Eye

Okay, so I went and did it. I crossed over to the other side today and didn’t even see it coming. It all started out rather innocently actually. As some of you may know, my trusty, 4-year old Dell laptop got “sick” about a week ago with a nasty virus. I, of course, couldn’t live without a computer and Internet access so I was so glad when my sister let me borrow her old Mac laptop. I thought, “Oh boy, this is going to suck but it’s better than not having access at all, right?”

Over the past week, my brother-in-law has been doing as much as he could to get rid of the virus and clean up the old Dell. We’ve had some luck and I’ve been able to go back and forth between the two to get things done here and there. Funny thing was I kept doing Mac-type things on the Dell. I actually found myself liking the darn thing!

So today was my 3 year wedding anniversary and my husband knows that I’ve been seriously considering getting a new laptop so for my gift, he got me a Best Buy gift card so I could pick one out. (Isn’t he wonderful?!?) I got there (with my sister and bro-in-law to help advise me) and was certain that I would walk out with a Sony Viao – the ones I’ve had my eye on even before the Dell got sick.

After about an hour’s worth of seriously considering walking out empty handed, I went over to the Apple aisle and I did it. I bought a MacBook. It didn’t even take much convincing. I’ve crossed over and I don’t think I can come back. I love, love, love my new toy!!!


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  1. Aren’t they the best? Though I still have a PC in case I need something old and familiar. =]

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