My Tasks for the Week

Looks like my week is getting off to a rather slow start! I meant to post my to-do list on Monday (I really did!) and hopefully it was going to help me keep on track and get my to-do list done. Unfortunately, I’m a bit under the weather so it all just went up in the air. But here it goes:

  • Complete wedding card order and ship
  • Complete notebook order and ship
  • Complete notebook of the month order and ship
  • Clean the garage
  • Go through clothes and organize closet
  • Upload all of Brady’s 4 month pics and print

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


Friday Feature – SakuraUrban

Happy Friday! I’ve decided that each week, I’m going to kick off the weekend with a “Friday Feature” which showcases a super-fabulous item that’s on my wish list. I wonder if my husband is reading this? 🙂

This week’s featured product is the Floral Powder Blue Leather Pouch by SakuraUrban! Isn’t this just lovely?!?

Goodbye 2008!

I’m so happy because my last 2008 planner has sold! It would have probably sold earlier if I had discounted it and I had some folks convo me (on Etsy) to see if I would but I didn’t think it was the best course of action. It still costs me the exact same amount to produce the item and since I don’t make the item till its been ordered, I always figured that if it didn’t sell, I can use the papers for another project. 

I’m really looking forward to launching the 2009 planners in the fall. I already have the guts designed but still need to pick out the papers. Last year, the plum planner sold out well before the gray or the brown which gives me a little bit of an idea of where to go. Picking out the paper is the most fun part of it all so I’m looking forward to spending countless hours at my favorite scrapbooking stores and mulling over all the lovely papers!

Happy Father’s Day!

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful dads in my life! For starters, I have been daddy’s little girl for as long as I can remember and my dad and I have always been really close. Then I got married and got a wonderful father-in-law with a heart of gold. And then this year, my hubby celebrated his first father’s day and he has deserved every bit of love he’s received today and every day.

When I celebrated my first Mother’s Day last month, the hubby and I made a rule that our Mom’s / Dad’s Day gifts will always be under $25, which will hopefully encourage us to be creative with Brady. So for his Father’s Day gift, Brady and I worked on a little video with pictures and video clips with a voice over of me reading our version of “I love my daddy because…” (All done my trusty Mac, by the way!) Needless to say, Justin absolutely loved it and even squeezed out a few tears. Success!

I’m baaack!

I know, I know…(hangs head in shame). I said that I would get back to posting on a more regular basis once I returned from vaca and I’m just now posting – nearly a month after my last post. So let me catch up…

Our trip went very well! It was Brady’s first long driving trip (about 14 hours to be exact) and for the most part, he slept most of the way. We would take some nice breaks though and made the best of a food, potty, diaper change, time-out-of-the-car-seat stops. Here’s a pic of Brady at the wheel during one of our stops. (No, I did NOT pull a Britney! 🙂 Note the disheveled baby hair – ahhh, humidity!

Once we got back, I’ve really stopped to think about what my priorities needed to be this summer. Like I’ve said earlier, now that I’m back to work, time has really been at a premium. There’s work and then there’s fun, which takes form in many ways like spending time with my family, just getting to sit and read the ever-growing stack of magazines on my coffee table, and working Keepsake Couture projects.

After some thought, I’ve decided to take go part-time with my Keepsake Couture duties. Craft fair season will be here before we know it and I’m going to use this summer to work on new products to debut this fall. I’m really excited about so many different products that I think it will do me good to focus only on development this summer. Going part-time also means that I won’t be putting up new products in my shops and just fulfilling orders as they come in. Of course, I’m always available for custom orders any time!

Other things I really want to focus on this summer is putting together a scrapbook for Brady. After visiting our family in May, I saw the amazing scrapbooks that my cousin Theresa had put together and it has really inspired me to start back up. I have a really short attention span so putting together books is challenging for me. That and I really like to have all my pics in order and that has not made a good combination for scrapbooking. So my new plan is to just do it! Just do it and love it! I plan on just putting together book of pictures I love with journaling supporting it and I know in the end I will love it and I won’t have to regret never having chronicled this time of Brady’s life.

So I do hope you’ll stay tuned! I have “met” some amazing people and entrepreneurs through the blog and I still plan on blogging, although my posts will be more related to my Brady projects and life in general. Once in a while, I hope to share some new projects that will be released in the fall. 😉