I’m still here!

Oh my goodness (head hanging low). I’m so ashamed of my extremely long absence! All is well but it has just been very busy lately.

As you know, my son came into the world in January and he has kept me and my husband very busy. And any time that we have for ourselves, well, we just end up spending it on lovin’ on the little guyanyway.

So Keepsake Couture and the blog took a weensy break for the late summer and most of the fall. This time last year was when I started the company and shortly thereafter started the blog and what a difference a year can make! Being at home and pregnant last year gave me so much creative time and that is probably what I miss the most. This year, I’m back at a full-time job then home to love on the baby which has really limited my time to spend on crafting.

The season started off with a craft fair at Fishers High School – the only one I do all season and it went really well. It was the right crowd and I felt like my products really fit in well overall. The nice thing was whatever didn’t sell went up on my Etsy shop giving it some new items just in time for the holidays.

Then came (and went) Black Friday and I had our first ever holiday sale which discounted all items by 10%. I was really happy with the number of orders during the sale and will definitely plan on doing it again next year.

So here we are looking at Christmas in just two weeks. Can you believe it?!? I haven’t even sent my Christmas cards yet so that’s the project for the free time that I get here and there.

But I do promise to be back more often on the blog. The only difference will be the number of pictures that I’ll be able to put in the postings – I’m in need of Photoshop for my Mac. Thank you so much for checking back frequently and staying in step with me! I appreciate you!


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