Ho Hum

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a post so I thought I’d pop in for a minute to say hi!

Here in Indy we got over a foot of snow in about a 24 hour period which caused my “day job” office to close on Wednesday. It was a nice surprise and we took full advantage of the snow day and hibernated all day.

I’m back to work today although I would much rather be drowning in all the paper goodness at home. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to work on creating new things and I think I’m in major need of a mental health/crafting day. With the holidays, planner orders, Brady’s birthday party and so on, it’s been a never ending slew of events and things to plan/work on.

I did recently purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements for the baby Mac (MacBook, that is) and I’m looking forward to learning it and finally putting some pages together for Brady. He’s got a ton of pictures – none of which have been scrapbooked. (Bad mommy!) I’ve never worked with digital scrapbooking – I’ve always done the old school traditional books but with time at such a premium, I figured that by the time I get set up, complete a page, and put everything up, I could have a digital page done. That and when Brady goes to bed, I can take the laptop with me and work to my hearts content and still be able to stay close to him!

Ahhh…multi-tasking. And I thought I was good at it before but as a mommy I find that I just keep learning to do it better!


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