Stress + Jack

The Jack Johnson variety, that is…not Jack + Coke.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been stressed. A little bit of everything has come into play but the good thing is it’s not been over anything that really matters like health or family. So why stress then? Well, it’s about my day job (damn day jobs!) and it’s been big enough the past few weeks that it’s actually gotten me down.

But tonight was different. My parents were kind enough to take the baby and the hubby and I could get some R & R time to ourselves. I opted to go upstairs, sprawl out on the bed with various magazines, my trusty Nintendo DS, and the MacBook.


The best part of all – a little Jack goes along way. I popped that CD in and just let the good vibes flow. After about an hour, I felt like myself again!


One Response

  1. I just purchased my first Jack Johnson CD ( the one above) from iTunes and I love it. I had my iPod touch playing via Pandora and he popped on and man,,,,he is awesome. Love his passion for treating our world with love and keeping it clean. I gotta catch him at Verizon sometime! I am from Kokomo and am just getting my photos ready to load to Etsy for sale. I love you journals and will be a customer soon. My daughter and I journal all the time and are always looking for beautiful journals to write in…makes us feel wonderful. Love you blog too….I haven’t kept mine up….3 kids, hubby and self-employed in this economy as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and artist/photographer keeps a chaotic schedule….thanks for your inspiration!

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