Stress + Jack

The Jack Johnson variety, that is…not Jack + Coke.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been stressed. A little bit of everything has come into play but the good thing is it’s not been over anything that really matters like health or family. So why stress then? Well, it’s about my day job (damn day jobs!) and it’s been big enough the past few weeks that it’s actually gotten me down.

But tonight was different. My parents were kind enough to take the baby and the hubby and I could get some R & R time to ourselves. I opted to go upstairs, sprawl out on the bed with various magazines, my trusty Nintendo DS, and the MacBook.


The best part of all – a little Jack goes along way. I popped that CD in and just let the good vibes flow. After about an hour, I felt like myself again!


Ho Hum

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a post so I thought I’d pop in for a minute to say hi!

Here in Indy we got over a foot of snow in about a 24 hour period which caused my “day job” office to close on Wednesday. It was a nice surprise and we took full advantage of the snow day and hibernated all day.

I’m back to work today although I would much rather be drowning in all the paper goodness at home. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to work on creating new things and I think I’m in major need of a mental health/crafting day. With the holidays, planner orders, Brady’s birthday party and so on, it’s been a never ending slew of events and things to plan/work on.

I did recently purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements for the baby Mac (MacBook, that is) and I’m looking forward to learning it and finally putting some pages together for Brady. He’s got a ton of pictures – none of which have been scrapbooked. (Bad mommy!) I’ve never worked with digital scrapbooking – I’ve always done the old school traditional books but with time at such a premium, I figured that by the time I get set up, complete a page, and put everything up, I could have a digital page done. That and when Brady goes to bed, I can take the laptop with me and work to my hearts content and still be able to stay close to him!

Ahhh…multi-tasking. And I thought I was good at it before but as a mommy I find that I just keep learning to do it better!

My Tasks for the Week

Looks like my week is getting off to a rather slow start! I meant to post my to-do list on Monday (I really did!) and hopefully it was going to help me keep on track and get my to-do list done. Unfortunately, I’m a bit under the weather so it all just went up in the air. But here it goes:

  • Complete wedding card order and ship
  • Complete notebook order and ship
  • Complete notebook of the month order and ship
  • Clean the garage
  • Go through clothes and organize closet
  • Upload all of Brady’s 4 month pics and print

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

I’m baaack!

I know, I know…(hangs head in shame). I said that I would get back to posting on a more regular basis once I returned from vaca and I’m just now posting – nearly a month after my last post. So let me catch up…

Our trip went very well! It was Brady’s first long driving trip (about 14 hours to be exact) and for the most part, he slept most of the way. We would take some nice breaks though and made the best of a food, potty, diaper change, time-out-of-the-car-seat stops. Here’s a pic of Brady at the wheel during one of our stops. (No, I did NOT pull a Britney! 🙂 Note the disheveled baby hair – ahhh, humidity!

Once we got back, I’ve really stopped to think about what my priorities needed to be this summer. Like I’ve said earlier, now that I’m back to work, time has really been at a premium. There’s work and then there’s fun, which takes form in many ways like spending time with my family, just getting to sit and read the ever-growing stack of magazines on my coffee table, and working Keepsake Couture projects.

After some thought, I’ve decided to take go part-time with my Keepsake Couture duties. Craft fair season will be here before we know it and I’m going to use this summer to work on new products to debut this fall. I’m really excited about so many different products that I think it will do me good to focus only on development this summer. Going part-time also means that I won’t be putting up new products in my shops and just fulfilling orders as they come in. Of course, I’m always available for custom orders any time!

Other things I really want to focus on this summer is putting together a scrapbook for Brady. After visiting our family in May, I saw the amazing scrapbooks that my cousin Theresa had put together and it has really inspired me to start back up. I have a really short attention span so putting together books is challenging for me. That and I really like to have all my pics in order and that has not made a good combination for scrapbooking. So my new plan is to just do it! Just do it and love it! I plan on just putting together book of pictures I love with journaling supporting it and I know in the end I will love it and I won’t have to regret never having chronicled this time of Brady’s life.

So I do hope you’ll stay tuned! I have “met” some amazing people and entrepreneurs through the blog and I still plan on blogging, although my posts will be more related to my Brady projects and life in general. Once in a while, I hope to share some new projects that will be released in the fall. 😉


Okay, so I have been seriously absent from the blog…but with good reason. I’ve been at my new job about a month now and “busy” has taken on a whole new meaning.

It’s been work, then home to play with the baby, get some things done around the house, get the baby ready for bed, then crash for the night! Although I really miss getting to be at home with Brady and getting to work on my products full time, I’ve really enjoyed going back to work.

I do promise to get back to posting on a regular basis! I think I’ve established some what of a pattern now and looking forward to working on some new products and getting ready for the upcoming craft show season. All of it, however, will start in June when the family and I get back from vaca and some much needed r & r.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all! This is my first one and I couldn’t imagine a better gift than having a happy, healthy little boy! Here he is just relaxing on his pillow. I can just see this same look ten years from now when I’m trying to wake him up!

Purse Envy

I got an email about a Neiman Marcus sale today and I found lots of things to my liking – too many in fact. You know how Imelda Marcos is known for her gazillion pairs of shoes? Well, I’m like that except with purses. Maybe not exactly like that but I have far too many purses for one girl. Amidst all of my online shopping, I find this beautiful gem:

Isn’t she gorgeous? Oh, I’ll bet she is just super soft and ready to hold all my belongings! This is the Prada Cervo Antik Structured Hobo and it’ a mere $1,690. So needless to say, this little lady will probably stay on my wish list for a very looooong time. Hey, a girl can dream, right?