New Product – Notebook/Stationery Gift Set

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The set includes a medium notebook, 3 blank flat notecards, 3 envelopes, 3 stickers/envelope seals, and last but not least 2 binder clips. All the items have matching patterned paper – this one in Amy Butler.

I loved putting this set together! There is another one in the shop in another pattern but I’m looking forward to putting more sets together.

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Goodbye 2008!

I’m so happy because my last 2008 planner has sold! It would have probably sold earlier if I had discounted it and I had some folks convo me (on Etsy) to see if I would but I didn’t think it was the best course of action. It still costs me the exact same amount to produce the item and since I don’t make the item till its been ordered, I always figured that if it didn’t sell, I can use the papers for another project. 

I’m really looking forward to launching the 2009 planners in the fall. I already have the guts designed but still need to pick out the papers. Last year, the plum planner sold out well before the gray or the brown which gives me a little bit of an idea of where to go. Picking out the paper is the most fun part of it all so I’m looking forward to spending countless hours at my favorite scrapbooking stores and mulling over all the lovely papers!

Dinos & ‘Bots

It seems that now that I have a little boy, I look at patterned paper just a little bit differently. I like pretty much the same things but I find myself gravitating towards more “rough and tumbly” boy papers that I can use for a variety of different Brady projects. For example, every time we have new pictures to send out to everyone, I just get a piece of fun patterned paper, trim it to size and use it as a notecard to send with the pic. Here are new favorites of mine:

Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper
Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper

Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper
Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo – Mr. Roboto

Exploding Box

Okay, so I’m being a good daughter and am already working on my Mother’s Day gifts to my mom and my mom-in-law. I wanted to do something for them that was unique and something that they would cherish for years to come. Of course, that meant that whatever it was would need pictures of my little man, Brady, on it!

Over the weekend, I worked on an “exploding box” and it was so much fun! It took a little bit of work but the end product made it all worth it. Here it is:

Now the magic happens when you open the box! There are up to 23 spots for pictures and/or journaling depending on if you want to put items on the backs of the petals. Here’s a view of it opened:

One down, one to go! This is the first scrapbook type thing I’ve done in quite some time and I had a blast working on it. I don’t know if I would ever make any to sell because of the amout of work it takes and the price point might be hard to establish but who knows? For now, I just really enjoy making them for my loved ones.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work designing journaling spots and having a blast with it. I have some blanks ones and just finished up monthly journaling tags so I hope to blog about those when I get them posted in the shop. Stay tuned!

More Postcard Notebooks!

Despite my inactivity on the blog, I actually had a really productive weekend! I had started making postcard notebooks a couple of months ago and then got caught up doing other things and it fell to the wayside so over the weekend, I went through my stash and made some more – check them out!

I absolutely love these! Two are from Italy and one is from England. When I went to visit those two places, I grabbed a ton of postcards because sometimes my own photographs just didn’t capture the beauty of it all like these perfect little postcards did.

A few years have passed and I still didn’t really know what to do with the stack I had until recently. I have more postcards that are scenic like these and some that are replicas of  artwork in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle that I hope to make soon. These are available in my Etsy shop so stop by and check them out!

New Product – Lots o’ Dots Stickers / Seals

I’ve confessed to being a paper fanatic before, right? Well, I never knew the depths of my addiction until this past weekend when I finally got around to organizing the growing piles of patterned paper I’ve acquired. My filing system for the papers have been in place for some time now but I tend to get lazy and just stick my new purchases in the basket without putting it in the right file so this weekend I got busy!

The result from all my hard work was not only a newly organized work space, but I was able to create a new product using the the scraps of paper I found! Check it out:

Lots o’ Dots 2

Every paper crafter ends up with random sized odds and ends pieces of paper and it’s hard to figure out a good use for them. I saw my pile of scrap pieces and hated to just toss them because they’re really fabulous patterns so I figured I’d make some stickers out of them!

Lots o’ Dots 1

The Lots o’ Dots are 1 inch stickers of various patterns. The adhesive is acid and lignin free so they are safe to use in scrapbooks. Aside from scrapbooks, they can also be used for card making, stickers, envelope seals, calendar date markers, and more. Plus they’re handsomely packaged in a 2 inch reusable tin so when you’ve used up all your dots, you still have a cute tin to store eyelets and other embellishments in. The fun part? Since these are random scrap pieces of paper, each set will be slightly different from the next!