My Tasks for the Week

Looks like my week is getting off to a rather slow start! I meant to post my to-do list on Monday (I really did!) and hopefully it was going to help me keep on track and get my to-do list done. Unfortunately, I’m a bit under the weather so it all just went up in the air. But here it goes:

  • Complete wedding card order and ship
  • Complete notebook order and ship
  • Complete notebook of the month order and ship
  • Clean the garage
  • Go through clothes and organize closet
  • Upload all of Brady’s 4 month pics and print

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all! This is my first one and I couldn’t imagine a better gift than having a happy, healthy little boy! Here he is just relaxing on his pillow. I can just see this same look ten years from now when I’m trying to wake him up!

Purse Envy

I got an email about a Neiman Marcus sale today and I found lots of things to my liking – too many in fact. You know how Imelda Marcos is known for her gazillion pairs of shoes? Well, I’m like that except with purses. Maybe not exactly like that but I have far too many purses for one girl. Amidst all of my online shopping, I find this beautiful gem:

Isn’t she gorgeous? Oh, I’ll bet she is just super soft and ready to hold all my belongings! This is the Prada Cervo Antik Structured Hobo and it’ a mere $1,690. So needless to say, this little lady will probably stay on my wish list for a very looooong time. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Shameless Plug – Almost Lovely Blog

Just had to pop in really quick to share with everyone a fabulous little blog about one gal’s quest for style (and that one gal happens to be my sister)!

Feliza authors Almost Lovely which chronicles her wardrobe choices. She is even brave enough to show us pics of her outfits and discusses the rationale of why she picked it and how she feels about it. It’s pretty interesting and it has actually made me think twice about why I pick the outfits I do everyday and it turns out it’s not just about what’s clean and ironed for that day. 🙂

Working Girl

Well, as of this week, I am officially employed! Yes, I went and did it and got a jobby-job! I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at home for much of my pregnancy and after my son was born which gave me time to focus on really getting Keepsake Couture situated.

In the time I’ve been home, I’ve been able to work on getting the website redesigned and this fun little blog up and running. Both would have still been accomplished had I been working full time but it would have taken much longer I’m sure! The time off has also allowed me to have time to create and brainstorm on different products and ideas.

While I’m disappointed that I don’t get to work on Keepsake Couture full time any more, I’m really excited about going back to work! My new job is a marketing position for a start-up, both of which I have loved in the past. My new challenge is making sure that I’m diligent with the time that I have to create, blog, etc. so I can still experience the best of both worlds. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The “Apple” of My Eye

Okay, so I went and did it. I crossed over to the other side today and didn’t even see it coming. It all started out rather innocently actually. As some of you may know, my trusty, 4-year old Dell laptop got “sick” about a week ago with a nasty virus. I, of course, couldn’t live without a computer and Internet access so I was so glad when my sister let me borrow her old Mac laptop. I thought, “Oh boy, this is going to suck but it’s better than not having access at all, right?”

Over the past week, my brother-in-law has been doing as much as he could to get rid of the virus and clean up the old Dell. We’ve had some luck and I’ve been able to go back and forth between the two to get things done here and there. Funny thing was I kept doing Mac-type things on the Dell. I actually found myself liking the darn thing!

So today was my 3 year wedding anniversary and my husband knows that I’ve been seriously considering getting a new laptop so for my gift, he got me a Best Buy gift card so I could pick one out. (Isn’t he wonderful?!?) I got there (with my sister and bro-in-law to help advise me) and was certain that I would walk out with a Sony Viao – the ones I’ve had my eye on even before the Dell got sick.

After about an hour’s worth of seriously considering walking out empty handed, I went over to the Apple aisle and I did it. I bought a MacBook. It didn’t even take much convincing. I’ve crossed over and I don’t think I can come back. I love, love, love my new toy!!!

Dinos & ‘Bots

It seems that now that I have a little boy, I look at patterned paper just a little bit differently. I like pretty much the same things but I find myself gravitating towards more “rough and tumbly” boy papers that I can use for a variety of different Brady projects. For example, every time we have new pictures to send out to everyone, I just get a piece of fun patterned paper, trim it to size and use it as a notecard to send with the pic. Here are new favorites of mine:

Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper
Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper

Basic Grey Archaic Dino Paper
Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo – Mr. Roboto