Friday Feature – SakuraUrban

Happy Friday! I’ve decided that each week, I’m going to kick off the weekend with a “Friday Feature” which showcases a super-fabulous item that’s on my wish list. I wonder if my husband is reading this? šŸ™‚

This week’s featured product is the Floral Powder Blue Leather Pouch by SakuraUrban! Isn’t this just lovely?!?


Love By the Numbers

The second I saw this on the MoMA Store website, I fell in love! At first glance, I thought it was just a super cool calculator. But then I read the description further and found out that it can also be connected with aĀ USB cable to your laptop and be used for a number pad.Ā Pure brilliance!

Inspiration for the Gym

I was perusing through the pages of Etsy when I came across a listing for a fabulous striped dress from a shop calledĀ Katsai in a treasury. This listing prompted me to go to her shop where I found this:

KatsaiĀ Halter

IĀ LOVE this top!!! It makes me miss summer time that much more and has inspired me to get my butt in the gym to get back in shape! Even though all the baby weight is off, my body is just not in the same shape and size it was in pre-baby. Seeing this top makes me almost (again, almost) ready to get in that gym and start sweating! Better get out my running shoes…