Ho Hum

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a post so I thought I’d pop in for a minute to say hi!

Here in Indy we got over a foot of snow in about a 24 hour period which caused my “day job” office to close on Wednesday. It was a nice surprise and we took full advantage of the snow day and hibernated all day.

I’m back to work today although I would much rather be drowning in all the paper goodness at home. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to work on creating new things and I think I’m in major need of a mental health/crafting day. With the holidays, planner orders, Brady’s birthday party and so on, it’s been a never ending slew of events and things to plan/work on.

I did recently purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements for the baby Mac (MacBook, that is) and I’m looking forward to learning it and finally putting some pages together for Brady. He’s got a ton of pictures – none of which have been scrapbooked. (Bad mommy!) I’ve never worked with digital scrapbooking – I’ve always done the old school traditional books but with time at such a premium, I figured that by the time I get set up, complete a page, and put everything up, I could have a digital page done. That and when Brady goes to bed, I can take the laptop with me and work to my hearts content and still be able to stay close to him!

Ahhh…multi-tasking. And I thought I was good at it before but as a mommy I find that I just keep learning to do it better!


Happy Father’s Day!

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful dads in my life! For starters, I have been daddy’s little girl for as long as I can remember and my dad and I have always been really close. Then I got married and got a wonderful father-in-law with a heart of gold. And then this year, my hubby celebrated his first father’s day and he has deserved every bit of love he’s received today and every day.

When I celebrated my first Mother’s Day last month, the hubby and I made a rule that our Mom’s / Dad’s Day gifts will always be under $25, which will hopefully encourage us to be creative with Brady. So for his Father’s Day gift, Brady and I worked on a little video with pictures and video clips with a voice over of me reading our version of “I love my daddy because…” (All done my trusty Mac, by the way!) Needless to say, Justin absolutely loved it and even squeezed out a few tears. Success!