We’re On The Front Page of Etsy!

Yesterday, on Jan. 2, Amy from The Peach was kind enough to tell me that I was on the front page. I got her message just in time to see it live on the front page and take a screen shot of it. Check it out!

Front Page


A Treasury Feature from Sassa Lynne

I got a nice convo on Etsy from Myfawny to let me know that she’s featured one of the KC planners in her last treasury blog post of 2008! Thanks Myfawny! Check out the blog post here!

Sassa Lynne Blog

I love Treasuries!

It’s always so nice to find out that I’ve been featured in a treasury! And I appreciate it when the curators take the time to let me know! So I was trolling through all the Treasuries and found not only the two that I was notified about, but another one!

Thanks to prolifique for this great little treasury:

Prolifique Treasury

Thanks to althena12 for this great little treasury:

Althena12 Treasury

Thanks to flameonglass for this great little treasury:

FlameOnGlass Treasury

Happy New Year to all! I’m off from my day job today but working like mad on creating new planners and getting them listed in time for the new year!